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Cellulose  arches

These are latex impregnated cellulose and prevent soil erosion while helping in creating ideal soil climate for micro-organisms. Used predominantly within large afforestation projects, it is long lasting, about 2-3 years, bio-degradable and eco-friendly.


Grab one of the arches, you will notice that one side is smooth and the other side has a little pattern. Ensure the smooth side is facing the soil and the patterned side is facing you. Secure an arch under the ridge of your planter. You may need to adjust some of the arches to fit your pot with a pair of scissors. Repeat this step all around the planter. Your pieces will overlap as you are going around.

Also known as coconut fibre, is a natural fibre extracted from the outer husk of a coconut. You will find it arrives pre-cut in a hexagonal shape. 


With a pair of scissors make an incision from one of the corners to the centre of the hexagon. In the centre cut out a circle big enough to accommodate your plant. Slide coir around your plant and tuck it under the ridge of the planter.

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