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Tradescantia Zebrina

Zebrina Pendula

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Hailing from Mexico this richly coloured plant is a botanical party, that will cascade down to 1m from the pot. You won't have to wait long either as it is a vigorous grower.

Horticus small living wall kit with Zebrina (Zebrina Pendula)

Plant Care


Bright light best described by South, South East or South West facing window. Avoid a shade that is too heavy as the leaves may lose their colour.


Keep moist but not soggy from April - August. Reduce water during winter month but don’t allow soil to dry out.

Humidity and temperature

Misting is not essential. If you are misting other plants, residual humidity will be sufficient. Do not allow the temperature to drop below 10°C (50°F).

Feeding and repotting

Feeding is not necessary. If the plant gets overly crowded thin it out and propagate the cuttings by placing the tips in the moist soil.


Quick guide to common problems and how to deal with them.

WARNING! Toxic to pets.

This plant is so trouble free we thought to include some interesting plant info instead.

Red underside of a leaf is rather helpful.

Plants that have a red lower leaf have adapted this colour quirk in order to maximise their surface area for light absorption in shady conditions.

Very few plants in the wild have naturally variegated leaves.

Some rainforest plants have evolved variegation in order to protect their leaves from sun damage or to signal 'danger if consumed' to animals.

Smooth leaf margins loose less water.

The edge of the leaf is known as a leaf margin. Jagged or serrated leaves tend to lose less water, the smooth leaf margin also prevents sitting water, which can cause fungal infections.

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