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Horticus extral large plant wall / living wall kit using hexagonal terracotta wall planters and steel frames.

Big gardens for

small spaces.

Reconnect with nature, by creating your own indoor garden that invites life and nourishment to your home. Discover our living wall kits to re-wild your interiors.

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Product features

Flexible system,
no complicated plumbing.

Your plant collection deserves to be admired and you deserve some extra floor space. Design your indoor garden with our flexible system that grows in keeping with your demands and requires no complicated plumbing.

Define the size and layout of your vertical garden according to your preference. Select from pods with different functions and create endless combinations to suit your space and environment. 



Our planters offer ample room for roots and can be watered from above through a grid of watering holes. 


Our frames allow for the pods to be lifted in and out. Great when it comes to re-potting, routine maintenance or a simple spring airing. 

Living with Horticus


Plant Guide

Nature’s loveliness is abundant. To aid in the plant selection journey, here is a list of tried and tested plants and how to care for them.


Terracotta and


Our planters are made from terracotta. Natural, porous and earthy it’s beautiful and great for plant roots. The frames are powder coated steel, strong and resistant to rust.


Both materials provide beautiful contrast to plants and will complement all colour schemes.

Small kit - Single frame with two terracotta planters and a light pod, featuring Prayer Plant

Horticus living wall modular small kit with terracotta wall planters and steel frame

Living room wall garden, kitchen allotment, green bedroom oasis, steamy bathroom jungle. Make any room a living habitat.

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